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Welcome to A Pale Glow, thanks for stopping by! If you’re thinking about joining us or want to know a little bit more about the site, we strongly recommend you have a good read through the topics in this forum. Here you will find all the information on the plot, setting and allowed characters as well as the all important site rules. If you can’t find something please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Feb 25 2016, 04:00 PM
From time to time we’re going to have to make announcements to let you know what’s going on with the site as well as keeping you up to date with plots, contests, activity checks and site-wide discussions. It’s recommended that you read everything that is posted in this forum so you don’t miss out on anything important.
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Do you have a question, comment or suggestion? We’d love to here them and help you out as much as we can! Feel free to post in this forum with anything you need answering about the site. In here we also have the moderation thread so you can have things moved and deleted as needed and a list of open threads. Oh and don’t forget the site templates are in here too.

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So you’ve decided to join us? That’s great! You will find everything you need to apply in this forum. Make sure you post your application in the correct sub-forum and remember, you have five days to finish incomplete apps. We don’t do formal face reserves, but if you see an in progress app the face being used is considered reserved until the app is complete. If you post an incomplete app, please remember to bump it when you're done.

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Once your application has been accepted, this should be your first port of call. We ask that you carefully check each claims thread to make sure you’ve claimed everything you need for your character and to avoid any confusion later on.

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May 24 2016, 01:10 PM

Once your character has been accepted they’ll be filed away here and you know what that means, right? Plotting time! Come here to find friends, enemies, loves and pretty much anything else you can think of for your characters. You can even use this area to form your own groups. Don’t be shy, more plots equal more fun!
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Is your character in need of a friend, a lover or an enemy? Maybe you want some family around or maybe you just have a plot idea that you want to get more people involved with. Whatever it is, you can advertise it here. Please make sure you post in the correct sub forum and that you bump your request no more than once a week. This forum is guest-friendly.
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You’ve probably seen these before but, just in case you haven’t; development forums are basically your own spaces to do with what you please. If you want a place for trackers, graphics, playlists or a place to write drabbles – whatever you want really. Just post in the sign-up thread and you’ll set you up with a forum of your own.
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Everyone loves this one. A place where you can do pretty much anything from making calls, email, skype, texting. Basically, all the ways your characters can think of to keep in touch with others. As well as that, we’ve got a game forum in here to keep you entertained while you’re waiting on posts or just trying to kill time.
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Everyone needs to unwind and have a little fun. Luckily, Silver Ridge isn't without its forms of entertainment. The mall in the centre of town is full of a wide range of stores selling jewellery, clothes, household goods and more. For the film buffs, a two screen movie theatre with comfy seats awaits. If you're a little more active, you can always go to the bowling alley, where you'll find several teams looking for a little competition, or the ice rink, home to The Silver Starfish, the towns Ice Hockey team (they haven't won a single game, so maybe those of you of a supernatural persuasion could help them out?)
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The majority of businesses within Silver Ridge are locally owned, meaning that there are almost none of the popular chains found in most cities. Silver Ridge did recently get a Starbucks though, which everyone was pretty impressed with – unfortunately the queues are massive and you’re best off just getting your coffee from a local coffee shop. There are a few more upmarket places as well as enough takeaways to cater for everyone.
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Feb 18 2017, 02:24 PM
The nightlife in Silver Ridge isn’t the most diverse but there are still plenty of ways to spend an evening. Dotted across the town are a number of bars, each with their own distinct set of regulars. Things tend to get a little rougher towards the docks and werewolf pack members should be careful where they choose to drink. There are two nightclubs in the city but, if you’re planning on pulling an all-nighter, you better make sure you know just what is taking you home.
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Jan 22 2017, 02:50 PM
The houses in Silver Ridge come in many shapes and size. You may be lucky enough to own a home overlooking the docks, a condo in the main square, or perhaps a log cabin closer to the forest. With a population that is constantly growing there is always call for new residences to suit just about everyone. There are many older houses dotted here and there that have been around since the towns inception and a lot of them come complete with their own ghost stories.
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Mar 8 2017, 09:02 PM
At the heart of Silver Ridge lies the Police Station, Hospital and Fire Station. These law enforcers and life-savers get a lot of action, often due to suspicious events that result in more questions than answers. The firehouse sits next the police station and a block from the hospital.
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The education system in Silver Ridge is comprised primarily of one privately owned nursery, one elementary/middle school and one high school. There is also a public library; it doesn't have the most extensive collection, but it seems to be enough for the local seekers of knowledge and avid readers. Besides, anything they can't find in the library is bound to be on the internet. If you're looking for further education you have to head outside of town. Much of the younger population can't wait to see the back of their hometown, choosing Universities out of state.
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The docks are rife with activity from the early hours well into the evening, especially during the summer months. Fishermen rise before dawn and head out on the trawlers that are often seen drifting on the horizon. There are many warehouses (some of which are abandoned) that give shelters to privately owned boats, kiosks that offer boat trips for tourists and even a research centre for Oceanographers. There is a market every Sunday, though many people don't appreciate the fishy smell that lingers in the air.
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Silver Ridge is a big city and not everything fits into the aforementioned categories; there are old warehouses, an old sawmill that’s been up and running since the area was first colonised, as well as a rangers station just on the edge of town. So many places to do and things to see, there are few resident of the city who can claim to really know every single nook and cranny. Why not explore a bit? Just try not to stray too far from home after dark.
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Feb 18 2017, 03:03 PM

You might have heard of the lights deep in the forest, flickering, beckoning. Many people have trekked for days trying to find them, only to find themselves lost, never to be heard from again. Aside from that, the forest is a beautiful, natural wonder, as are the mountains just beyond it. For the adventurous types there are plenty of hiking trails and loads to explore from caves to natural lakes and even a small waterfall. Some people even keep cabins in the woods, though you probably don’t want to stay there on a full moon. Stick to the trails if you ever want to get home.
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While some days it might feel like there’s nothing beyond the horizon, through the forests or over the mountains, we want to take a moment to assure you that the rest of the world is still out there. It’s just a little harder to get to. While there are roads leading in and out of the city, if you’re wanting to go further a field you’ll need to head to the airport up in Wales or maybe get yourself a place on a fishing boat. But, hey, if you’ve got to get out of town, you’ve got to get out of town.
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Jan 14 2017, 01:16 AM

Ever wonder where your character is going to be in five years time? How about ten or twenty? Maybe you want to see what their wedding day will be like or if they’ll ever have kids. Or maybe you want to look back, maybe you want to remember better times. Either way, all threads set in the past or future go here. Have fun exploring, just remember, anything you do in the past will effect the future, Marty McFly.
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Feb 9 2017, 10:14 PM
What would happen if your character hadn't taken a certain fork in the road? What if they were a character in your favourite video game? Or a pirate? Or a dinosaur wrangler?! This is your chance to explore any and all alternate universes.

You can get as creative and wacky as you want. The sky's the limit here!
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This is where you’ll find all the out of character chatter; a place where you can make introduction posts, offer up help with graphics and let us know if you’re going to be leaving us for a while. Basically this is the place where we’re us rather than our characters, so if you want to start discussions about things you like or posts videos or voice memes, go right ahead!
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The rules here are simple; if you post an ad with us, we’ll post one with you. If we double post on your site, feel free to double post here. If you double post with us, we’ll do the same. Please post in the correct forum. This forum is guest-friendly.
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Everything will eventually end up here, from finished or dead threads to inactive characters and unfinished applications. Don’t worry we don’t delete anything. If anything gets moved here by mistake and you want it moving back, please use the moderation thread to let a member of staff know.
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Mar 9 2017, 06:52 PM

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